Conference Themes

 First: Educational Studies

  1. Foundations of Education and Educational Administration
  • Islamic identity and educational requirements in the light of contemporary challenges.
  • Recent trends in professionally preparing and developing teachers in the light of contemporary challenges.
  • Recent trends in contemporary educational management Theories.
  • Educational planning and the development of learning outcomes.
  • The systems and standards of distance learning betweenrealityand prospective.
  • The contemporary experiences in achieving total quality in education.
  • Intellectual and cultural challenges facing the contemporary educational system.
  1. Curriculum and instruction.
  • Contemporary global trends in designing and development of Curricula.
  • Contemporary Visions of teaching methods, styles and strategies.
  • Mechanisms of Curriculum analysis and evaluation.
  • Outcome- Based Learning.
  • Curriculum and instruction of teaching a foreign language ​​as a second language.
  • Entrepreneurship and Curricula.
  • Strategies of Self-learning and individualized teaching.
  1. Educational Technology.
  • Technological revolution and educational prospects.
  • Recent trends and strategies in E- learning mode.
  • Challenges of The E- learning mode.
  • Quality standards in E-
  • Use of artificial intelligence in educational programs and software productions.
  • Modern trends in the preparation and design of educational tools and techniques.
  • developing Teacher’s Professional technology in light of the digital era.

Second: Psychological Studies

  • Contemporary theories and trends in psychology and its educational applications.
  • Measurement and evaluation of cognitive, skilful and affective psychomotor learning outcomes.
  • New trends in creativity, innovation and the Care for Gifted students.
  • Contemporary visions in studies of students with special needs.
  • Counselling and psychological services for the learner.
  • The effects of Motivation, trends, tendencies in teaching and learning.
  • Psychological health and its relationship with the educational areas.
  • Measuring and evaluating learner’s personality traits.
  • The theory of multiple intelligences and educational applications.